They are registered and experienced radiographers who have acquired Registered Radiologist Certification (RRA). They cannot replace a physician, but they play a major role in radiology examinations. They have many areas of responsibility. They perform various examinations under radiologist’s supervision. The level of this supervision varies depending upon their experience and complication of the examinations. In invasive procedures they assist the radiologists. Other important tasks for them is to perform fluoroscopy, to place feeding tubes (nasoentric and oroentric), and other peripheral diagnostic procedures. They are a major part of patient assessment and management. Duties of a radiologist assistant is to determine whether a patient is prepared for the radiology procedure and answering the queries of the patient and his family. They are also responsible for making initial observations and ensuring image quality. The radiologist then makes the final report of the patient using the data provided by them.

Radiology Assistant

Educational Requirements and Prerequisites For Radiology Assistant

Physician assistant prerequisites are a bachelor degree and an advanced level course in radiology. Already having prior experience in the field works as an added advantage for the future. The eligibility criterion includes the successful completion of a certification course in Radiology Assistant program. According to Physician Assistant prerequisites, after the completion of one year certification course, the candidate should also have one year of clinical experience as a radiologist assistant preferably in patient care department at professional level.


The curriculum was drafted by American Society of Radio logic Technologists (ASRT), American college of Radiology and American Registry of Radio logic technologies. ASRT has an experience of 50 years in curriculum design. In the medical industry, team approach works in favor of patients as well as the workers. Sample curriculum for nurse practitioners, physical assistants and emergency medical services was viewed before drafting the curriculum.

License and Practice

They are given license in the state that they practice. Presently there are many states like Arkansas, Mississippi, New York, New Mexico etc. where licensing occurs. Measures are being taken by ASRT (American Society of Radio logic Technologists) to allow licensing in every state.

Re certification

Once you obtain the degree and start practicing as a radiology technician, you are required to maintain your standard of education. For this, one has to obtain 50 CE credits under ARRT regulation. Moreover, their credentials are maintained through ongoing registration every two years. After ten years, radiology technicians are required to meet additional criteria for retaining registration.

Future and Scope

Use of x ray machines to find trouble in the human body is increasing day by day. X ray technician salary today varies from $90-$100. Role of radiology in the health care industry has increased drastically over last 15 years. With the improvement in the healthcare industry, scope of radiology assistant is increasing every day. With the increase in the work load of radiologists, there will be a need of more and more time. Now a days they play an important role in patient examination. For professional care and accurate examination results, hospitals employ them along with a radiologist. This ensures the smooth functioning of the department.

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